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Have a great staycation!

friends enjoying staycation at the lakeAugust may be here, but that doesn’t mean summer is over yet! Whether you have summer holidays or are just looking to take some time off work, a great vacation doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money or travel time. Here are some of our recommendations for how you can have the best summer staycation!

Our 5 Best Staycations Ideas for Summer 2017!

Head to the water!

Whether you’re a lake or beach person, there’s no better way to cool off this summer than heading to the water for your staycation! Head to the lake for a day of relaxing on the dock or maybe enjoy some boating & water sports! The beach more your scene? Local beaches are always packed with friendly faces and lots of activities to help make the most of your summer. More interested in using your staycation to relax? Pack your towel  and spend the day working on your tan –just remember to stay hydrated and wear lots of sunscreen.

Go Camping/ Head to the Cottage

Looking to spend some time out of the city? Or spend some time closer to nature? Camping is always a summertime favourite. Why not enjoy the great weather and nature by visiting a national park with your family, or discover a new hiking trail with friends. Not a camping kind of individual? Why not try going to the cottage! There are plenty of cottage rentals which have weekend, or weekly rental options.

Catch a live concert

a concert staycationSummer nights are long and warm, so why not fill your staycation with some live music? Whether it’s an international artist on a worldwide tour or an up and comer at your local community centre, a night out listening to music is always a great way to spend your staycation. Many summertime concerts are organised at outdoor stadiums where you can enjoy sitting in the grass while jamming out to your favourite songs. Check out your favourite artists website, or live event ticket website to find out more.

Be a tourist in your own city

There is no time like summer to put on your tourist shoes and learn something new about where you live. Visit a museum, catch a local sporting event, or take a tour bus around the city to places you haven’t ventured to before. Treat yourself to a day of shopping, dining and exploring what makes your hometown so unique.

Spend a day giving back

With so many people out of town during the summer, there are plenty of opportunities to lend a helping hand and volunteer with your local community. Food banks, animal shelters,  day camps, senior citizen centres, and many more are looking for dedicated individuals to volunteer their time and expertise.

Summer’s still in full bloom! Happy staycationing!

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