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  • Herb and Garlic Crusted Portobello Mushroom Burgers

    These delicious Portobello mushroom burgers are coated with our Herb and Garlic chips to add a delicious, crunchy protein boost.   Vegetarian, gluten-free, and made with clean ingredients, these burgers are a delicious alterative to traditional meat patties.  The best part? They are super quick and easy to make. Perfect for your next summer BBQ!

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  • Summer Family Fitness

    The school year is over and summer is in full swing.  Marks from school have been assigned and long forgotten in the carefree summer days.  But one mark we shouldn’t forget comes from the 2016 Participation Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Youth where Canadian kids were given an F for sedentary behavior.  Canadian kids also received a D- in overall physical activity and a D+ for active play.  This places Canadian children among the least active in the world, lagging far behind other countries such as Slovenia and New Zealand where kids received A’s and B’s for physical activity.

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  • Non-GMO Project Verification

    We are very excited to announce that our Kids Bars are now Non-GMO Project Verified!  We have been working very hard to receive the official Non-GMO Project Verification, and are thrilled to now proudly display the  symbol on our Kids Bars.

    Non-gmo project verified protein snacks

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  • SimplyProtein's #SimplyCanadian Contest Entries

    High protein SimplyProtein bar in Jasper CanadaThank you to everyone who entered the #SimplyCanadian contest.  We had so much fun reading through all the reasons the SimplyProtein community loves Canada! We compiled all the fantastic responses we received below. We sure have a lot to be thankful for!

    Our lucky winners have been contacted via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram message. Our grand prize winner won one box of Maple Pecan bars and two additional boxes of SimplyProtein bars in the flavour(s) of their choice. Our nine  runner ups  each won one one box of SimplyProtein Maple Pecan bars. That's 150 Maple Pecan bars in total to celebrate Canada 150.

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  • Active Canada 150 Events

    Canada turns 150 on July 1st!  There are hundreds of great events planned across the country to celebrate the milestone. Fireworks, live music, BBQs, birthday cake, parades, games…it’s sure to be a blast! Before enjoying a BBQ or settling in to watch the fireworks, check out some of these active Canada 150 events across the country to get your workout in while having a blast celebrating Canada!

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  • Tips for a safe bike commute

    Bike commuting is the ultimate in multitasking:  environmentally friendly, economical, fantastic heart- pumping exercise, a chance to de-stress while enjoying the outdoors. What’s not to love?  If you haven’t already discovered the joys and perks of bike commuting, here are some tips to get you started.

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  • #SimplyCanadian Contest

    Did you know that SimplyProtein was founded in Canada? Our office is still located in the heart of Toronto and we take pride in our Canadian roots. With Canada's 150th birthday quickly approaching we want to celebrate and will be giving away 150 Maple Pecan bars!

    Leading up to Canada Day we will be collecting 150 reasons why our customers love Canada. The grand prize winner will win 1 box of Maple Pecan bars and 2 other boxes of their choice. We will also be giving away 9 additional runner up prizes of 1 box of Maple Pecan bars. Entry is easy!


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  • Static stretches to do before your next golf games

    As mentioned in last week’s post: Golf Stretches to Reduce Injury Risk and Improve Your Game, stretching for golf should not be overlooked, and can help to both improve your game and reduce injury risk.


    Last week we discussed dynamic stretching, best performed right before you play to help loosen up your muscles without reducing power.  Static stretches involve holding a stretch in a motionless position for 10-30 seconds. While static stretches help increase flexibility, they can also compromise muscle power. For this reason, they are best performed after a game or on days you are not playing golf.

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  • Health benefits of your herb garden

    Thinking about adding a little touch of green to your summer? Why not add it to your palette as well?

    Whether you’re living in a house with a backyard or a condo with a balcony, a herb garden is the perfect way to bring the summer season a little closer to your kitchen and improve your health! To get started all you need is a planter or small garden patch with access to 3-6 hours of sunlight a day.

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  • Golf Stretches to Reduce Injury Risk and Improve Your Game

    Stretching before a golf game may not seem as important as before a high impact activity such as a running, but the rigours of golf should not be overlooked.   Golf requires flexibility, coordination, strength and endurance. A regulation 18-hole golf game will have you walking anywhere from 3 - 6 miles, and the explosive, repetitive nature of the swing can put considerable stress on your body.  Some of the most common golf injuries include back pain, elbow tendonitis, knee pain, and injuries to the rotator cuff, neck or wrist.

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