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  • Wellness Foods is on CarrotLines!

    Wellness Foods is making it easy for you! When you are grocery shopping, there's a world of choice. So, how do you decide what is good for you and your family? We just recently signed up for CarrotLines. Not only can you find healthy food choices, you'll find all the nutritional information about our products and how they work with your diet.

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  • GUEST POST: Use those mirrors to check your form: exercise demos

    Thank you Noelle from Fitness a way of life for giving The Simply Bar the permission to re-post your healthy moving post.

    proper form, exercise form, correct exercise form, working out properly, avoid injury, injury prevention

    Proper exercise form is one of the most overlooked aspects when it comes to working out. It's sad but true. The majority of people you see at the gym are dramatically reducing the effectiveness of their workout by using improper form and are in danger of serious injury.

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  • The Simply Bar at the First Tough Mudder in Whistler!

    We love sports and athletic events, events that keep us wanting to better our bodies and health. We were very excited support a local team on their way to Tough Mudder 2012. This was Tough Mudder’s first time in Whistler, BC and we wanted to make it a good one. We sponsored 71 team members of the Briefed.Ca team through training and right to the day of the event on June 23.

    At the Tough Mudder Wall


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  • Wellness Food's Trip to the Cottage

    Hello fans of the Simply Bar! My name is Emily and I am the newest member of the Simply Bar team. I volunteered to take over the blog to provide our readers some company updates, and the best current healthy nutritional news. Currently, the office is abuzz with many exciting new projects that we are working on as the company, and product line grows over the next few months.


    The whole team (including our international member and Vancouver representative), went together on a retreat to Tobermory on the Georgian Bay this past week. As someone who recently relocated to Toronto from the west coast, I really enjoyed this break from the city and to be in nature once again. The drive to the cottage was really exciting for me as it was my first taste of small town Ontario. I think I got the full experience, and even visited a chip truck!


    As with our kosher, vegan, and gluten free bars, most of our staff all have specific dietary requirements. Thus, making meal planning certainly a challenge, as our company consists of two people who are gluten and dairy free, one who is orthodox kosher, and two vegetarians. We managed to make it work with lots of grilled veggies, a delicious vegan chilli, and different salads like our Manager of Operation's signature salad which was made with gluten free wasabi peas, smoked salmon, and green onion with a simple olive oil dressing. Another highlight was the variety of veggie burgers that our Office Manager made by manning the grill for us. As a group, we decided that Sol Mushroom Rice Veggie Burger was a clear winner. For snacks, of course everyone had their favourite Simply Bar flavour. Right now, I love the Cinnamon Pecan, which I usually end up enjoying as a post-run, high protein low-calorie snack. Along with having meetings and brainstorming sessions, we successfully held a baking competition, tried out the hot tub, and explored the area near the lake. There was some indulgence in wine and sangria, which was gluten and dairy free. However, unfortunately we neglected to bring a kosher variety. In the end, our only sadness was coming home and that Sunny, our office companion didn’t join us this time around!



    Look for the results of baking competition in the next few months, few treats in store, and not just our usual sweet fare!


    Photos by Danielle Lim, our Vancouver representative

  • Healthy for you. Healthy for the earth. Great last minute presents!

    Only 6 days left to buy presents! We are hoping we can help with any last minute purchases you need to make. We have put together our best holiday picks. Some are healthy. Some are just great for the earth. Check out gifts from Soda Stream, Hammacher Schlemmer, Nomi Network, Collecion Luna and Unicef.

    Healthy for you presents:

    Make Soda at Home!

    We love the soda stream. Instead of buying tons of Perrier, make it in your home! There is a simple soda maker under $100 and then more expensive versions that go up to a few hundred. The base version looks just great to us.

    It is now too late to buy online but you can buy in stores across Canada and the US.

    Still coveting this drink maker.

    Healthy Soft Serve !

    I fell in love with Hammacher Schlemmer when working in Chicago many years ago. I still have the alarm clock that lights up the room to wake you instead of making an alarming noise (it can make that noise if you need it to. But then really why bother with such a great device?). They now have a wonderful soft serve ice cream maker. All you need is a banana and some other fruit of your choice and volia! Ice cream!!! LOVE IT!

    Healthy for the earth presents:

    I met some amazing women this year. Women who are changing the world through small business supporting those in need.

    Buy Her Bag Not Her Body

    In a small world moment, I met the wonderful women behind Nomi Network this year after having bought, and raved about, their products last year. Last Christmas I bought my sister a beautiful laptop case while in NYC shopping at the stalls at Columbus Circle. Their products are not only great but help those in need. In love with them and their products. The organization is the Nomi Network- “a non-profit organization working to eradicate sexual slavery and the trafficking of women.” The product line is called “Buy Her Bag Not Her Body”. These bags are made by women who have survived sex trafficking and those at risk of exploitation.

    I just visited the website and see they now have ipad cases too! The quality of these products is great. And they are beautiful to boot.

    Stephanie Jolluck and Collecion Luna

    I am a little in love with all that Stephanie does. She is one of the most passionate women entrepreneur I have ever met. She is committed to her artisans and their families with a single mindedness that is unusual. “A social entrepreneur, Stephanie started her own business at age twenty-six focused on women’s empowerment, alleviating poverty, sustainability, & promoting cultural diversity and understanding. For the past ten + years she has travelled to Guatemala to work directly with the Mayan Indians on a line of textiles created with PURE LOVE from their reclaimed Indigenous clothing using Fair Trade practices.”

    Her beautiful bags are available at this link:


    We have donated to this Unicef’s Plumpy’Nut as a company. I have also bought Plumpy’Nut donations for those friends who live overseas instead of regular Christmas presents. We love that something as simple as peanut butter can bring life saving nutrition to children who are malnourished. peanut butter is high in protein and good fat. It is better than formula that requires clean water (often sorely lacking) to be effective. The peanut butter is shelf stable and ready to eat as is. We are inspired by this simple solution to a devastating issue.

    And if any of these presents can't arrive in time: print out a great full colour picture and the date that the present will arrive. A great present arriving in a day or two beats nothing under the tree!

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