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  • Active Canada 150 Events

    Canada turns 150 on July 1st!  There are hundreds of great events planned across the country to celebrate the milestone. Fireworks, live music, BBQs, birthday cake, parades, games…it’s sure to be a blast! Before enjoying a BBQ or settling in to watch the fireworks, check out some of these active Canada 150 events across the country to get your workout in while having a blast celebrating Canada!

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  • SimplyProtein Kids Bars Featured by Today’s Parent

    We are honoured and thrilled that SimplyProtein Kids Bars havpic blog 2 2e been featured by Today’s Parent as one of the top 18 healthy store-bought snacks for school lunches.

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  • Simply Summer Chips Challenge!

    Thai Mango Salad with SimplyProtein Chili Chips Thai Mango Salad with SimplyProtein Chili Chips


    Enter to win a year of FREE SimplyProtein Chips!

    We're looking for your healthy, unique Simply Summer dishes using our SimplyProtein Chips. Our chips are packed with protein and have a light crunch. While delicious straight out of the bag, our chips provide a wholesome boost to any meal. Its their flexibility that sets them apart!

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  • Wake Up Refreshed and Renewed (Contest Inside Too!)

    We tell ourselves every morning when our alarm clock rings,"Just 5 more minutes, 5 more minutes!" We have the best intentions too when we wake up.

    Mornings are a time when many of us feel both physically and mentally tired. Our energy levels are not where they are supposed to be...yet. Main causes of sluggish mornings include, lack of sleep, stress, and having too much of the wrong foods.

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  • Sugar and Blood Pressure

    Cupcake1-300x270The Known Risk

    We know eating too much sugar can lead to health problems – one of which is an increased risk of obesity. Excessive weight gain has a direct impact on blood pressure, as numbers sky rocket when the pounds are packed on.

    The New Findings

    But a recent study, by scientists at the University of Otago in New Zealand, suggests that an Continue reading

  • Saccharin’s Back!

    saccharin-300x300Sweet Saccharin!

    Saccharin, an artificial sweetener like sucralose, aspartame, and acesulfame potassium, was popular back in the day because it offered a cheap, calorie-free alternative to sugar. In the 1970s, however, research on the sweetener and its effects on the body led to global concern that it might cause cancer. As a result, Saccharin was banned in the U.S. and Canada.

    That was then…

    Fast-forward a few decades – after more research and more tests, officials have now been convinced it was a false alarm, and that saccharin can safely be added to our diets once again.

    Back in the game!

    Some may be surprised to find this, once-presumed-dangerous, sweetener Continue reading

  • Simply Whey Bars on The Marilyn Denis Show

    sw40-top4-ca-2tDid you watch the Marilyn Denis Show on Wednesday when they did the Challenge Check-in? Or were you lucky enough to have attended the show live?

    Why do we say lucky enough? Because every audience member received a box of Simply Protein Whey Bars!

    Nutritionist Miranda Malisani was on sharing a meal plan that she had prepared for a family who had taken on the weight-loss challenge. She went through recipes for breakfast with quinoa flakes, quick Tacos Mas Machos and sprouted tofu and fresh vegetable stir fry. As a snack she talked about vegetables and our very own Simply Protein Whey Bars.

    Miranda spoke about how they are a great snack because few bars on the market have only two grams of sugar in them. She suggests never leaving home without a healthy snack to go and the Simply Bar is the perfect fit.

    As well, we liked hearing about how important water consumption and variety in your diet is. Missed the episode? Watch it on her website!

    Were you in the audience? Let us know how you like the bars!

    VIDEO - Simply Whey Bars – Marilyn Denis

  • Spring Revival – Coping With The Final Weeks Of Winter

    Beating the Winter Blues… the end is near!spring-activities

    No matter what the verdict our groundhog friends give us, winter sure does drag on.

    What do you do to keep you happy? Positive blogger Dale Partridge shares tips on what he does to lift his mood. He journals at least 3 times a week, watches funny movies and rock climbs.

    With having to wait until March 20th for spring to officially come, “winter blues” hasn’t ended yet. Many people may not be their happiest during these dark months, and others suffer from Seasonal Affective disorder (SAD).

    If you are feeling the effects of the somber weather check out these recommendations from the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) to help battle mild symptoms: Continue reading

  • Happy Canada Day!! Celebrate With Our New Flavour: Maple Pecan!!

    In celebration of our 10 Year Anniversary and Canada Day, we held a contest asking our fans to create a new flavour of The Simply Bar. We received many wonderful submissions and we are pleased to announce our new, mystery flavour is Maple Pecan ( !

    Congratulations to Reizvolle Prinzessin!
    Thank you to everyone who entered, and especially our runners up with some other great Canadian ideas:
    * Georgia Parry, Maple Pumpkin Pie
    * Roger Mory, Maple Walnut
    * Melanie Bosnjak, Maple Raw Walnut Blueberry/Cranberry

    With 16g protein, 140 cals, 1g sugar, 7g fibre, this delicious bar is a fantastic option!

    Thank to everyone for supporting us the past ten years! Here is to ten more!

    Happy Canada Day!




  • Meet the Simply Bar’s Newest Ambassadors – Luke and Nikola

    Rio 2016 logoThe Simply Bar is welcoming two super star athletes to the family, with the announcement of our sponsorship of the Canadian Sailing Team for the Olympics in Rio 2016! We’re proud to be sponsoring Nikola Girke and Luke Ramsay, two incredible athletes who know that proper nutrition and wholesome ingredients are a vital part of success. Continue reading

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