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A Road Trip with Camille & Martin Across-Canada

Cape Breton Island National ParkThinking of taking a road trip but not sure where to even start? It’s great to get advise from people who have already done it! Check out our interview with Camille & Martin about their Cross-Canada adventure!

Which place has been your favorite?

Road Trip to Mount Robson National ParkC&M: Mount Robson Provincial Park, which is also the highest peak in the Rockies. We did a 3 days 2 nights backcountry camping trip and the view of the glacier melting into the turquoise lake was by far the most beautiful landscape we've seen.

Did you find any sights or activities off the beaten path?

Road Trip to Grassland National Park Camping C&M: We were one of the many people who thought Saskatchewan was going to be boring. Just a long straight line on the Transcanadian Highway...But we found something special... Grasslands National Park. This was our first hiking destination. We slept 1 night surrounded by (150) km2 of grasslands. We were the only ones there! We saw wild rabbits, deer, bison, prairie dogs, etc. At that moment, we did not even know that the park was going to be even more special because it settled the table for all the beautiful mountains with snowy peaks that the Rockies had to offer.

What was the most surprising thing you saw or did on your travels?

While on their road trip Camille and Martin saw a Black Bear at Waterton Lakes National Park C&M: Of course we were expecting to see a lot of wildlife during our road trip. However, we never could have imagined that we were going to be about 10 meters in front a massive and magnificent black bear at our second National Park, Waterton Lakes. Martin was very eager to get up close and snap a picture, while Camille was terrified.

What was the biggest challenge you faced on your road trip?

Road Trip to VancouverC&M:(Laughing) Maybe the relationship. We only knew each other for 5 months before beginning the adventure. We were together 24/7. It was either going to make us stronger as a couple or the opposite... Let's just say that if we are answering your questions together at this moment, it went well :)

What do you do to maintain your healthy lifestyle while travelling?

Road Trip to Grassland National ParkC&M: Since the road trip was focused on visiting  National Parks because they were free this year for the 150th anniversary of Canada, physically, all the hikes kept us in good shapes. Since we are almost vegetarian and we try to eat foods that are rich in nutrients so we could  maintain a high level of energy. The SimplyProtein bars were perfect for us because they kept us energised for our long hikes and we really like the flavours.

Where are you planning to go next?

Road Trip to Bamfield Vancouver Island C&M: We don't yet know our future vacation destination. Martin is going to Africa for an internship at the beginning of 2018 and Camille will probably go to Asia doing some woofing for two months at the same time. We can affirm that we will never forget this 76 days and 20 000 kms roadtrip through all Canada.

Want to see more from Camille’s & Martin’s adventure? Check out their Instagram page @theyseeusrollin2017

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